How to lower your water bill by Repairing Plumbing Leaks

by / Tuesday, 12 April 2016 / Published in Leaks, Melbourne Plumber

How to lower your water bill by Repairing Plumbing Leaks……..

How to lower your water bill by Repairing Plumbing LeaksThere are some things in life we have no control over.  When we can purposely do something to make life a little easier and put some cash back in out pocket – that is a great day.  We pay a pretty penny for our water usage.  We also pay for that water to go down the drain.  Leaks can happen at many water sources in and around your home.  Getting these fixed as soon as you become aware of them if imperative.  It will save your money on your bill and if you leave them leaking it could cause more expensive/extensive problems down the road. Here are a few tips on how to lower your water bill by repairing plumbing leaks…


INSIDE LEAKS are the easiest to detect – Some thing as simple as hearing your toilets run occasionally or visibly seeing your faucet drip.  We repaired a customer’s toilet and her water bill went down $20 per month.  If this were left running the workings of the toilet tank could have corroded more ending up in a more costly repair.  Dripping faucets can also run up a water bill.   Different name brands carry different working mechanisms and if not repaired soon after noticing a drip the water can erode within the valve doing further damage.  This could cause need for a whole new faucet.  Maintenance on these plumbing fixtures could definitely save you $ on your water bill.


However – there are hidden leaks in your home that will increase your water bill and possibly your power bill.  Slab leaks are serious.  A slab leak is when the copper pipe in your slab forms a leak, usually a pinhole leak.  Occasionally, you may hear the leak echoing in the bathroom that does not necessarily mean that is where it is.  Water has a tendency to echo in bathrooms because of all the pipes located there.  In a rare instance you may find a puddle of water in the middle of the floor that just keeps coming back again not an indication of location; water tends to travel to the weakest outlet.  This is also an indication of a slab leak.  More often than not the only indication of a slab leak is high water bill or the city shutting off your meter because it is spinning away.  If the slab leak occurs in the hot water line – your power bill will increase because the water heater is being continually emptied by the leak.   Repiping your water lines is a total solution to slab leaks.

OUTSIDE LEAKS – we tend to let go because they are out of sight.  Hose spigots left leaking will run up the water bill.  The water service is the pipe that runs from the city meter to your home – it feed your house with water.  This pipe can leak with out you ever knowing because it is buried in the ground.  If you see soppy grass without recent rain – you could have a leaking water service.

TIME TO CALL A LICENSED PLUMBER – If you notice a high water bill, hear or notice leaking fixtures it is time to call in the plumbing professionals.  Repairing a leak upon first notice is less costly that having to replace a fixture because it was left to corrode by the leaking water.  Water can be very damaging if it gets where it is not supposed to be.

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